BHT Member Memorials – Anne Becker Egbert

Anne Becker Egbert

Died July 6, 2021

Beloved coloratura soprano Anne Becker Egbert passed away peacefully July 6, 2021 in Sudbury, MA. at age 90.

Born in Evergreen Park, IL, Anne joined the Troupe in 1953 following graduation from Connecticut College with a Music degree. She moved to New York City to study voice and to pursue a professional Broadway career, but it was with the Blue Hill Troupe that Anne found stardom and became one of the organization’s most popular leading ladies. Anne was blessed with a beautiful soprano voice, and the Troupe cast her often as the G&S ingenue for more than 10 years. Her favorite roles included Yum-Yum (Mikado), Elsie Maynard (Yeomen of the Guard), and Aline (Sorcerer).

During one of her first Troupe rehearsals, Anne fell madly in love with her husband-to-be, dashing baritone Richard Cook Egbert (Dick). Following a brief courtship and marriage in 1954, Anne and Dick enjoyed 60 years of singing and entertaining together. During their tenure in the Troupe, the couple were best known for their performances on stage together—especially Yum-Yum and Pish-Tush (Mikado) and Aline and Dr. Daly (Sorcerer). Hosting rehearsals in their apartment was a particular joy for the … Continued

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BHT Member Memorials – John D’Luhy

John D’Luhy

Died October 9, 2021

When John was a new resident of NYC, beginning work on Wall Street, he was asked to join a Christmas party. While singing around the piano, a lovely gal came up to him and she introduced herself, Gay Clark. Thinking what luck!, he reciprocated, and then she said “I like your voice!” Well, he went to the required audition—at the Walbridges’—though he knew nobody in the city. John loved to sing, having sung in the Trinity College Chorus. Standing in front of Charlie Walker—also of Trinity—John offered his music. Charlie said “Really?” It was “Thanks for the Memories,” i.e. scale up, scale down! But John was a rare first tenor, and thus his first show was Utopia, Ltd!

The next season he went to Nat Pulsifer’s for a proposed members’ cocktail party, where I met him via my catering! After a bit, we were “courting,” during Ruddigore.

Music was major for John, especially songs of the Big Band era. I always knew where he was in the house because he sang snippets of songs all day long! He said that for every moment there is a song.

The Troupe brought us a full life … Continued

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BHT Member Memorials – Sally Smith Cross

Sally Smith Cross

Died February 2, 2022

Born in 1929 in New York, the daughter of F. Harold Smith and Pauline V. Curtiss, Sally rapidly developed a broad affection for any person who traversed her path: her city and country neighbors, her classmates at The Chapin School and Vassar College (1951), and her colleagues in the administration of Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute, which she joined after college. She rejoiced equally in summer hijinks with her family in Washingtonville, NY and the exhilaration of winters filled with classical music, art, and vibrant conversation.

In the early ‘50s, Sally joined the Blue Hill Troupe and met the very tall and rather reserved banker William R. Cross, Jr. (1917-2002). The wedding of close friends a few years later set a romance in motion. They married on June 14, 1958, and soon became parents to three children (Bill, born 1959, Polly in 1960 and Fred in 1962). Her long-widowed mother-in-law Julia welcomed the growing family into the brick townhouse to which she had moved four decades earlier, when her husband Bill was a baby.

In 1973, their Bedford, NY weekend house became their principal home, complemented by a Chilmark, MA cottage whose simplicity sweetened Sally’s … Continued

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BHT Member Memorials – Henry Cole

Henry Cole

Died October 14, 2020

Henry P. Cole Jr. was a charming, intellectual, talented man, who left an indelible mark on the Blue Hill Troupe and then movedto Alaska, where he literally became a local legend. I knew Henry only through his infrequent visits to New York. From descriptions, I was expecting a god, and Henry came pretty close. Read on.

He lived a full, multifaceted life as an academic, outdoorsman, scientist, hockey player, teacher, singer, and beloved partner and friend. Henry was born in New York City on Sept. 21, 1937. He graduated from Williams College, with a BS in physics, and earned his Master’s in physics from Michigan State. Henry moved to Alaska in 1969 and completed his doctorate in upper atmospheric physics in 1977 at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute.

Henry was a singer from the time he was a soprano until the end of his life as a baritone. During the ‘60s, not only was he a member of the Troupe, but he also performed in summer stock musical theater up and down the New England coast. In Fairbanks, he helped found Fairbanks Light Opera Theater; he performed in their productions and … Continued

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BHT Member Memorials – Ambrose Carr

Ambrose A. Carr Jr.

Died August 29, 2020

Amby Carr was a gentle man of deep integrity who always had a twinkle in his eye. I first met him when he joined the Troupe for the 1971 Mikado. My husband, Tom, and I cemented our friendship with Amby and his delightful wife, Nancy, over more than 40 years of summers near the ocean in Quogue, LI. Summering in Quogue all his life, Amby eventually became Commodore of the yacht club and then President of the beach club. He was an avid tennis player. In his later years on the courts, I particularly loved his phrase “Age and treachery will beat youth and speed!” He also loved skiing and delighted in teaching friends’ children how to ski.

Born in Brooklyn in 1931, Amby went to the College of Holy Cross and then the NYU Business School. After he and Nancy were married, they moved to Manhasset where they raised their three children, Paula, Margot, and Amby. Both Paula and Margot followed in their father’s footsteps and joined the Troupe. Amby worked for IBM for 33 years, primarily in the area of sales and marketing

Amby was a man of … Continued

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BHT Member Memorials – Dan Cammerman

Dr. Daniel Cammerman

Died December 18, 2019

Dr. Daniel J. Cammerman, age 50, died suddenly on December 18, 2019, in Central Park. Daniel was born in England on September 7, 1969. After receiving a BA and MA, 1st Class Honors at Oxford University, Daniel attended the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. Daniel was a revered pediatrician at Mount Sinai and Uptown Pediatrics, and he joined the Troupe as a Bass in 1999. Daniel was a Gondolier (2000) and a Dragoon Guard (2001), even as he was undergoing his residency at Mount Sinai Hospital. When he was a chorus member, I was painting sets, so I knew of him, but we were not close friends. All that changed when I became pregnant.

Having had little contact with children, I felt I must educate myself about pediatricians. Daniel was kind enough to set up an informational interview with me. I liked him immediately, particularly because of his calm, honest, often droll demeanor. After many questions, I sheepishly asked if there were ever room on his schedule of clients, might we be added to his waiting list? With an enormous twinkle of an eye, he said “you could be on MY … Continued

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BHT Member Memorials – Dan Brooks

Dan Brooks

Died August 2, 2020

Dan grew up in Chappaqua, NY, and attended Princeton, where he cut his teeth on G&S as the technical director for the Savoyards. He went on to earn degrees in electrical engineering and in law at Stanford. He became a partner at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft, working in the New York office and later in Washington, DC, specializing in computer law. He later formed his own business, Computer Law Associates, in Washington after a stint at the SEC.

In the words of his Princeton obituary, “Dan was a lifelong putterer and tinkerer who could build and repair machines from boat engines to motherboards.” These talents fit right in with Blue Hill needs as he began with the team, building sets in the boiler room below Hunter College. He and his wife, soprano Barbara Badertscher Brooks, had joined the Troupe in 1968. His skills and reliability were quickly recognized, and he shared set construction leadership beginning in 1970-1971. Edgar Masters recalls latching on to Dan as the guy who knew what to do backstage, and the guy people listened to, especially while moving the set into Hunter Playhouse. “It was fun working with Dan … Continued

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BHT Member Memorials – Dan Bergfeld

Dan Bergfeld

Died September 25, 2020

Dan Bergfeld died at home peacefully in Vero Beach, Florida on September 25, 2020 after a long battle with cancer that he met with faith and courage. The genuine smile that lit up his face reflected his lifelong gratitude for a good life, well lived, with people he loved and who loved him. Dan will be remembered for his warmth, his welcoming smile and white fluffy hair, his kindness and thoughtfulness for others, his wit, and his embodiment of love through the language of music.

Born in Bronxville NY, he lived most of his life in Stamford and New Canaan CT, until he and his wife, Holly, moved to Vero Beach full-time in 2018. He was educated at New Canaan Country School, Milton Academy, and received a BA from Yale College in 1965, where he was a proud 2T with the Whiffenpoofs. He later received his MBA from the Stephens Institute of Technology.

His career in NYC was in management consulting and operations analysis, including for NYC government during Mayor Lindsay’s administration. But his real life passion was music, and his tenor voice gifted choral groups, the Blue Hill Troupe in … Continued

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BHT Member Memorials – Kathryn Bedke

Kathryn Bedke

Died March 31, 2020

Kathryn’s story is a miracle of sorts. She survived for years, battling cancer after cancer, on sheer will and an amazing “hang in there” spirit. She had fought off so many near misses that people had come to believe that she might just be immortal.

Born November 3, 1951, and raised in Ravenna, NE, Kathryn Lynn Bedke graduated from Kirkland College, Harvard Divinity School and Case Western Reserve School of Law. She was the most wonderful combination of sophisticated New York lawyer and country girl from Nebraska. She was very proud of her Nebraska roots. In her distinguished legal career, Kathryn practiced law at White & Case, Davidson & Grannum, and Wohl & Entwistle; she also served as an enforcement attorney for the SEC and an adjunct professor at New York Law School.

Kathryn loved music, specifically Gilbert & Sullivan. She traveled to Buxton, England to participate in shows at the International G&S Festival. She also loved entertaining in her lovely Chelsea apartment, where you would meet her devoted feline friend, GC (for Girl Cat, of course). Kathryn, 68, died at home on March 31, 2020, of complications from colon cancer. … Continued

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