The Troupe draws members from all quarters who take pleasure in both working and playing in good company, in support of a worthy cause. We log many hours preparing for our two annual shows and our winter concerts, and almost as many hours having fun at frequent social events throughout the year. Traditionally, the Troupe auditions/interviews new members in the Summer, but applications are always welcome. See below for the Application link. For any questions, please contact


CREATIVITY: Each year, Applicants to the Troupe can apply to join our Frontstage or Backstage. Frontstage and Backstage Troupers work together to bring our two shows to life each year from performing on the stage to creating sets, props, costumes, and programs. They also stage manage, arrange hair and makeup, run the box office, maintain the membership database, keep the website current, and perform a hundred other behind-the-scenes jobs. This season, we just completed The Addams Family: A New Musical in November 2022 and we’ll be doing Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance in spring 2023, as well as a series of concerts in the winter.

COMMUNITY:  Help us support the charity for our 99th Season: LSA Family Health Service! Founded in 1958, LSA is a community-based nonprofit serving low-income, immigrant families, and individuals in East Harlem. Families go to LSA in crisis, with immediate need for food, clothing, health care, and/or help accessing public benefits; all services provided by LSA. It basically provides opportunities for families to develop a full array of competencies needed to thrive. The support from the Troupe will help strengthen their Parenting & Child Development Program; helping them continue to provide critical programming to their community.

CAMARADERIE: The Troupe is as much about spending time with each other as anything else – and we can’t wait to meet you!  Contact for more information on opportunities to meet Troupers.

APPLICANTS: For the Application link, CLICK HERE and download a copy of sheet music for our unofficial anthem, Hail Poetry!, HERE

TROUPE MEMBERS: complete a Sponsor Form in support of your applicant: CLICK HERE

If you have any questions about becoming a member, please email