Blue Hill Troupe is proud to partner with LSA Family Health Service for our 99th season

Blue Hill Troupe is proud to partner with the Little Sisters of the Assumption (LSA) Family Health Service  as charity partner for our 98th and 99th seasons.

From the ages of 0 to 3, a baby’s brain grows to 80% of its adult size and is twice as active as adult’s. Decades of research have shown just how important children’s earliest experiences are for their long-term well-being.

LSA’s Parenting & Child Development program (PCD) fosters healthy child development from zero to three years of age, serving nearly 100 East Harlem mothers and their children. Most are immigrant families living in deep poverty with little or no resources and low literacy levels; many speak/understand only Spanish or indigenous languages and have a history of trauma.

Bilingual early childhood specialists guide parents in helping their children achieve developmental milestones at the appropriate time. The program includes the screening of each parent (to determine social-emotional competencies), home visiting, on-site LSA socialization groups, mental health services, referrals, and Head Start transitions.

The Robin Hood Foundation, with its historic focus on eliminating poverty, has funded PCD at significant levels for many years. The Foundation is shifting its priorities from direct service (such as PCD) to finding solutions to enact systemic change. Maintaining Parenting & Child Development is a high priority for LSA. The program is critical to giving East Harlem children a good start, so as they grow they see a path out of poverty to become successful adults. Funding to replace Robin Hood is essential. The generosity of the Blue Hill Troupe in selecting LSA as its Charity Partner is deeply appreciated and very much needed to help ensure that we can maintain this key program.

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