BHT Presents The Mikado April 12-20

Music by Arthur Sullivan
Libretto by William S. Gilbert

Directed by Gary Slavin
Musical Direction by Zachary Schwartzman

Considered by many to be the gem of the Gilbert & Sullivan canon, The Mikado is an irresistible concoction of rapturous melody, witty satire, and exotic locale, peopled with unforgettable characters. There's Ko-Ko, the newly appointed Lord High Executioner, baffled by the logistics of having to execute himself before he can dispatch the other names on his "little list." Pooh-Bah, with his inflated ego, distinguished ancestry and readily crossed palm, is Lord High Everything Else. Nanki-Poo, the handsome son of the Mikado, is on the lam disguised as a questionably proficient second trombonist, pursuing his secret passion for the aptly named Yum-Yum. She, a model of Japanese schoolgirl perfection, has mastered the art of flirting--if only flirting were not a crime punishable by death. Katisha, breathtakingly ugly (save her famous left shoulder-blade), is a formidable noblewoman who has set her sights on Nanki-Poo. When the Mikado arrives on the scene, it's up to him to sort out the romantic entanglements and assign punishments to fit the crimes. Don't miss the 89 year-old Blue Hill Troupe's ninth production of this classic!

Role Opening Cast Closing Cast
Apr. 12, 14, 18, 20(M) Apr. 13, 17, 19, 20(E)
The Mikado of Japan Win Rutherfurd Kenneth Harmon
Nanki-Poo Matt Hughes Rich Miller
Ko-Ko Alan Abrams Michael Macaione
Pooh-Bah Christian Smythe Kevin Murray
Pish-Tush William Remmers Mark Heimbigner
Yum-Yum Nathalie Dalziel Sheena Ramirez
Pitti-Sing Melissa Weisbach Alexis Cregger
Peep-Bo Dena Cubbin Capron Levine
Katisha Suzanne R. Taylor Cristiane Young

Three Little Maids from School from The Mikado, 2013.