The Blue Hill Troupe’s Pinafore Society has been established to strengthen the Troupe and assist us in securing important resources to support our annual charity partners, and to ensure our ongoing and future stability. The Troupe welcomes contributions from our audiences, members of the Troupe and anyone who is inspired to support us and our efforts to create present high-quality, philanthropically-driven community theater productions. Corporate Matching gifts are also welcome!


We are pleased to recognize the many individuals, both inside and outside of the Troupe, who have made a contribution in support of our work during the past 12 months.  (as of December 31, 2019)
Modern Major Generals ($2,500+)

Nancy and Robert Hayward
Pierre Hayward
Anne Sidamon-Eristoff


Royal Court of Barataria ($1,000-$2,499)

Margaret Carter
Seth Cunningham
Kevin Murray
Neuberger Berman


Hall of Ancestors ($500-$999)

Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp.
Matthew Baxter
Brownington Foundation on behalf of Gordon and Elisabeth McMorris
Colby Attorneys Service Co.
Dena and Ted Cubbin
Wendy Flanagan
John Leonard
Owen Pell
Sigourney Romaine
Winthrup and Mary Rutherfurd
Mildred Weissman

House of Peers ($250-$499)

Carole Bailey French
William Bernhard
Stuart Bevan
Truman Bidwell
Richard Braddock
Erika Brewer
John Burkhardt
Nancy Chaimberlain
Frederick Eberstadt
Patricia Geoghegan
Rebecca Madsen
Barbara Mahon
James Munsell
Pfizer Foundation
Nancy Raditz
Layton Sanders
Judith Smith
Charles Van Dercook
M David Zurndorfer






Sisters, Cousins and Aunts ($100-$249)

Scott and Anne Asher
William Attride
Steffi and Bob Berne
Richard Bertkau
Steven Berzin
Constantin Boden
Beatrice Broadwater
Mary Cox Golden
Priscilla Cunningham
Helen Curry
Mary Dale Allen
George Davidson
Barbara Doonan
Anne Fairbanks Childers
Edmee Firth
Raymond Fisher
Stacey Flatt
Alice Fleming
Mitul Foster
Nancy Havens-Hasty
Nathan Hayward
Katie Holler
Home Box Office
Linda Jones
Mark Justin
Alexander Kennedy
Thomas Kennedy
Gavin Kenny
Jane Lang
Michelle Larsen
Sabrina LeBlanc
MIchael Lehmann
C.J. Leonard
Brady Lynch
Hayward Manice
Carolyn McGuigan
Richard J Miller Jr
Carlotta Marie Morris
Elizabeth Munson
Joan Nabatoff
Carey Ngai
Margaret Nordlinger
Elizabeth O’Neill
Felicia Pan
David Pasteelnick
Madelaine Piel
Gordon Pyne
Kathryn Ramsey
Edward H. Robbins
Laurance Rockefeller
Saul Rosenberg
John Rowland
Emily Ruderman
Guy Rutherfurd
James Rutherfurd
Arnold Saks
Todd Sollis
Annabel Strife
Tiffany & Co.
Harold Trinkoff
Robert Van Marx
Arete B. Warren
Christine Whitman
Yeomen of the Guard ($1-$99)

Angelo Abdela
Christopher Adams
Carol Anderson
Judith Baer
Margaret Baggaley
Shannon Barr
James Beckman
Larry Beers
Julian Bell
Silas Bensing
Harvey Berger
Debbie Billington
Mervin Block
Christine Bonnici
Jane Brogan
Jennifer Bush
Sheila Cameron
Angela Cason
Ashley Catalano
Jane Coleman
Virginia Cook
Mike Cotter
Lauren Cupples
Debra Denny
Ann Diamond
Selden Dickenson
Richard Dikeman
Jeffrey Dine
Reada Edelstein
Caroline Noel Franklin
Dennis Fowler
Margaret Fox
Paula Gerden
Howard Glaser
Aldona Gobuzas
Bari Granowsky
William Grigsby
Erik Hanson
Rita Hayes
Thomas C. Hills
Sheena Hoar
Constance Hoguet Neel
Emily Huffman
Carolee Iltis
Cornelia Iredell
Lee Jacobs
Jamia Jasper
Mariah-Anne Johnson
Robin Johnson
Andrea Kahn-Kothmann
Robert Kenney
Charles Kernan
Brian Keyser
Christopher Kidd
Lucy Kirk
Theodore Kurz
Victoria Larson
Tony Marmelo
Robert McCrie
Howard McMorris II
Naida McSherry
Carl Meese
Jessica Meese
Jo Michaud
Leslie Middlebrook
Pamela Miller
Russell Miller
Samuel Milliken
Jean Mitchell
Virginia Montgomery
Brianna Morgan
Nancy Needell
Hayden OConnor
Maureen O’Donnell
Valeri Olson
Tyler Parker
Louis Pasteelnick
Tim Peierls
Erli Perez
Dorothy Petrucelli
Robert and Pascale Pine
Stuart Pyle
Andrew Quale
Joseph Randazzo
Arthur Ravander
Homer Rees
Jonathan Rigg
Monique Rinere
Victoria Robeck
Ronnie Ross
Janet Rossbach
Becca Rozzoni
Theodore Ruderman
Trudy Sadinoff
Elizabeth Samet
Christine Saurel
Michael Schmidt
Steven Schwartz
Shanna Siegmund Swenson
Gail Silberman
Ralph Sommese
Jo-Una Spadafora
Rebecca Srole
Sarah Stackpole
Matthew Stephens
George Stevens
Anne Stoddard
Fern Stolper
Islay Symonette
Eric Thirer
Michael Toomey
Pearl Tragash
Kathleen Treat
Katharine Wasley
Wells Fargo
Nancy Wenzler
Cynthia Whittaker
Paul Wilder
Damian Woetzel

Please note – contributions to special campaigns are not included above.


The Blue Hill Troupe’s BHT Fund has been established to support the Troupe’s ability to deliver high quality shows, which are at the heart of how we generate our annual contribution to a local charity. The Fund is specifically used both for annual capital purchases needed to update equipment and tools, and for extraordinary expenses that occur in a given year. The Troupe welcomes contributions from our audiences, members of the Troupe and anyone who is inspired to support us and our efforts to create present high-quality, philanthropically-driven community theater productions. Corporate Matching gifts are also welcome!

We are pleased to recognize the individuals and organizations, both inside and outside of the Troupe, who have made a contribution in support of our work during the past 12 months. (as of December 31, 2019)

Anthony Cockcroft
Jennifer Dorre
Emily Freed
Riana Goren
Will & Mary Leland
Alford and Helen Lessner
Margaret Lundin
Marilyn McCormack
Mary Rockhill
Elizabeth Ross
Jacqueline Savage
David Schulman
Jay Sherwood
Suzanne and John Taylor
Jerold Zieselman

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