BHT Member Memorials – John D’Luhy

John D’Luhy

Died October 9, 2021

When John was a new resident of NYC, beginning work on Wall Street, he was
asked to join a Christmas party. While singing around the piano, a lovely gal came up to him and she introduced herself, Gay Clark. Thinking what luck!, he reciprocated,
and then she said “I like your voice!” Well, he went to the required audition—at the
Walbridges’—though he knew nobody in the city. John loved to sing, having sung in the Trinity College Chorus. Standing in front of Charlie Walker—also of Trinity—John offered his music. Charlie said “Really?” It was “Thanks for the Memories,” i.e. scale up, scale down! But John was a rare first tenor, and thus his first show was Utopia, Ltd!

The next season he went to Nat Pulsifer’s for a proposed members’ cocktail party, where I met him via my catering! After a bit, we were “courting,” during Ruddigore.

Music was major for John, especially songs of the Big Band era. I always knew where he was in the house because he sang snippets of songs all day long! He said that for every moment there is a song.

The Troupe brought us a full life even beyond Gilbert & Sullivan. For instance, Jay Schieffelin asked John to join in the formation of The Naval War College Foundation, in Newport, RI. John did, though just a young man, and was very active until his death.

I am so glad the Troupe continues to survive. Bravo!

— Gale D’Luhy

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