BHT Member Memorials – Dan Cammerman

Dr. Daniel Cammerman

Died December 18, 2019

Dr. Daniel J. Cammerman, age 50, died suddenly on December 18, 2019, in Central Park. Daniel was born in England on September 7, 1969. After receiving a BA and MA, 1st Class Honors at Oxford University, Daniel attended the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. Daniel was a revered pediatrician at Mount Sinai and Uptown Pediatrics, and he joined the Troupe as a Bass in 1999. Daniel was a Gondolier (2000) and a Dragoon Guard (2001), even as he was undergoing his residency at Mount Sinai Hospital. When he was a chorus member, I was painting sets, so I knew of him, but we were not close friends. All that changed when I became pregnant.

Having had little contact with children, I felt I must educate myself about pediatricians. Daniel was kind enough to set up an informational interview with me. I liked him immediately, particularly because of his calm, honest, often droll demeanor. After many questions, I sheepishly asked if there were ever room on his schedule of clients, might we be added to his waiting list? With an enormous twinkle of an eye, he said “you could be on MY roster right now… I’ve got a little list.” And we both burst out laughing.

Whenever Ben and I visited “Dr. Dan”, he was always kind, thoughtful, and attentive. I remember quite-small Ben reading an alphabet poster in his office, and Dr. Dan saying with astonishment “did he READ that?” I think he knew about Ben’s academic capabilities long before we did. But that wasn’t important to him—he cared that Ben was healthy and happy. Whatever Daniel said to me, I trusted, because his soul looked outward, with concern for others, and because he emanated such happiness and love for all those around him.

I have never met Daniel’s loving wife and partner of 20 years, Karen Manasse, or his children, Joshua and Callie, but Dr. Dan’s endless devotion to his family, friends, and patients was known to all. As so many of his friends have said, he truly made the world a better place, and he will be forever missed.

— Pam Miller

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