The Troupe draws members from all quarters who take pleasure in both working and playing in good company. We log many hours preparing for our two annual shows and our winter concerts, and almost as many hours having fun at frequent social events throughout the year.

Applicants to the Troupe can apply to join Frontstage or Backstage. Frontstage and Backstage Troupers work together to bring our two shows to life each year from performing on the stage to creating sets, props, costumes, and programs. They also stage manage, arrange hair and makeup, run the box office, maintain the membership database, keep the website current, and perform a hundred other behind-the-scenes jobs. Backstagers may audition for roles in our Fall musicals, too.

We are now accepting Membership applications for the 2019-2020 Membership year. A current Trouper often sponsors applicants for Blue Hill Troupe, but this is not required! To start your membership process, please review the FAQs and complete a membership application. The links to these documents can be found below.

Download the FAQs About Joining the Troupe Download the Membership Application Download the Sponsorship Application

If you have questions that cannot be answered in these documents, please contact and answer at least one (or all!) of these questions in the body of your message, along with your full name.

  1. Interested in backstage or frontstage?
  2. How did you hear about BHT?
  3. Have you been to a BHT show?