The Blue Hill Troupe is proud to support  Gallop NYC for our 94th season.


The Blue Hill Troupe is proud to partner with the GallopNYC for our 94th season. GallopNYC is NYC’s leading, most multifaceted therapeutic horsemanship program serving hundreds of riders each week – children, adults, and veterans with disabilities – in six locations.

GallopNYC’s therapeutic horsemanship program uses horseback riding and horse knowledge to develop cognitive, social, and physical skills for each rider. Under the direction of a PATH Intl. certified instructor and supported by trained volunteers, each rider acquires increasingly advanced riding skills.   The lessons help riders build physical strength, develop problem-solving skills, increase empathy and improve social skills. Riders gain measurable improvements in life skills that are assessed throughout their participation in our programs. Therapeutic riding develops transferable benefits that are vital to helping riders reach their full potential in life.

GallopNYC serves youth with a wide range of disabilities including autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, visual impairment, Down Syndrome, learning disabilities and other physical, cognitive and emotional challenges. We also serve at-risk and court-involved youth as well as disabled veterans and adults with multiple sclerosis.

Partnering with the Blue Hill Troupe will allow GallopNYC to provide full or partial therapeutic riding fee waivers to youth with disabilities from low- and middle-income families who are on our waiting list. As we expand the number of riders we serve each week by making full use of our two new sites, we aim to move hundreds of riders off our waiting list and into our program. Check out this wonderful article in the NY Times Magazine about why a therapeutic riding program is so important in the city:  READ ARTICLE