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Every year since 1924, the Blue Hill Troupe has come together for a season of revelry celebrating our three great passions: Theater, Charity and Friendship. The Troupe’s efforts are rooted in a tradition of performing a high-quality Gilbert & Sullivan operetta each spring, a Broadway musical each fall, and several concerts around the city every winter. Over the years, these combined efforts have raised over four million dollars in net proceeds that have been given annually to various diverse NYC-based charities.

The Troupe spans all generations and all walks of life. New members, both front and backstage, are accepted each fall at the beginning of our season and are immediately folded into the family where everyone from singers to sew-ers alike work side-by-side. For the time spent on this labor of love, there are many rewards, including a winter ball and an annual spring outing. The season is also punctuated with parties, both planned and impromptu, some of which have no other reason for being except that we Troupers have fun together!

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